Charline E. Manuel
Author.   Spiritual Leader.   Minister.   Inspired Teacher.

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You are invited to experience the awesome power of an inspired teacher who is the living embodiment of God's love.  Charline Manuel's dynamic voice, insightful perspective, and personal stories of triumph will delight and encourage you in your spiritual journey. 

CHARLINE E. MANUEL, is an author, speaker in the field of spirituality and self-help growth and development. She is currently author of 3 books, and 2 self-help journals. Charline, an ordained Unity Minister has served in field ministry for over twenty years.

Charline E. Manuel is a graduate of Unity School of Christianity. In addition to her seminary degree she holds a Master of Arts Degree in Human Resources Development and Bachelor’s Degrees in Sociology and Urban Studies.

Charline Manuel has been called a dynamic speaker and a inspirational teacher by those who have participated with her in classes, retreats, workshops and her Sunday morning messages. Despite very humble beginnings, Charline has overcome many obstacles to make her dreams come true. Today she spends much of her time showing others how to do the same.

When she's not speaking at Unity Center of Miami on Sundays delivering an uplifting, inspiring message of faith and encouragement, speaking at other venues, facilitating retreats, leading groups on educational missions around the world, or facilitating workshops, teaching on-line courses for the Unity Urban Ministerial School, Charline is most likely writing on a new book her next scheduled release is Spring, 2016.

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